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nowhere in space is there perfection

❥ ★

this journal is...
Starscream tfp → Harvester bro fist y/Y?

This journal is my main journal and I have a mirror at Livejournal of ebonredseeker. I started this journal awhile ago, then forgot and now remember about it. So I will be copying from here to there. ^o~

Comment to be considered!
Please don't talk about what is in the locked entries.
Don't be rude to my friends.

Thank you!

hi! We've talked a bit from the anne bishop live journal... I added you to my friends list!



Hello! Thank you for letting me know. I have added you back. :D

Sorry for bothering you, but could you please credit refuted for the layout codes? It would be much appreciated, thank you. :)
Happy new years, btw!

Sure! Happy new year to you too!!

Your name is Lu
School Level you are at is College
You like BJT, rain, wings, storms like the one now
You do not like not much
You found my journal I am you

...I just wanted to see if this will really work.

Your name is Lu
School Level you are at is same
You like To get this code right
You do not like my code not working
You found my journal ...google

(Deleted comment)
I am friending you now!

Jewels of the Blood - BJ3 RPG


Come one, come all - make your character and get playing. Tired of having the site owners decide your jewel and caste for you? Want to play a character you made, the way you want to play it? Have several you want to get in on some action?

Jewels of the Blood is a mature site for players 18 and up, but we accept all characters. We're filling the realms fast, and after only a couple of months we're almost at 10,000 posts and rising! Drop by and say hi, make character, and get in on some great role-play action in the realm of the Black Jewels Saga. It's a time before the Trilogy, so there's no conflicting with canon characters. We're looking for some gamers who think they've got what it takes to survive the realms - whether good or evil.

(This site brought to you by Sato, Ld, and Francis.)

Huh, that's funny. Not any more. After lying and pretending to ACTUALLY be a part of the Anne Bishop universe - which, by the way, is FANTASY! - you've been banned from the Jewels of the Blood site. That's right, she thinks she's actually a fictional character from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy. What the fuck?

I found this on her other page:


My name is A'Vriil. But in the LJ community it's Electus_Unus (Chosen One in Latin). I have been into the BJT series for a few years now, after my Queen Mandated that all our... "Kind" must read the book the we hail as our kind's "Bible".

So, since I am new to this community, perhaps you all will help me navigate my way around this "newbie" platform I have dubbed "Twisted Kingdom". And ellaborate on just what kind of tales we are allowed to spin.

And hopefully, we can all kindle different arrays of friendships. Thank you.


It was titled "Incest isn't always bad", and I'm thinking YES IT IS! Is it just me, or should the lysol be brought out and this crazy chick sprayed down? Come on lady, get some help. Playing a game is one thing, but pretending to actually be part of it is called insanity. Get a shrink and knock it the fuck off.

So it this to me or is it to someone else? You are not very clear.

I thought I was being very clear when I said "Hey look, A'Vriil's being a retard", but maybe I should just spell it out a little better: AVRIIL'S BANNED! Better? Poor little Noctame has been busting her ass off to bring in descent role-players for our site, and we get chick's like A'Vriil who fuck around. Not cool.

If anyone's going to join, I just want to make it perfectly clear that this is a FANTASY ROLE-PLAYING SITE! Not real-life like A'Vriil or April or whatever the hell her name is. You join up, you get a week to get settled in and you play. How hard can that be? But this chick makes a dozen accounts for fake people, and then junks up our site.

ANYONE who has this chick on your sites, ban her now and save a huge headache. She likes to lie and play head games. Seriously, take my advice and get rid of her!


You never said "Hey look, A'Vriil's being a retard". But that is beside the point she is not. She just loves the books. So do I. I don't see why you are being so mean about her. I love rping and I also go to school and work, I rp when I can fit it into my time, but do have to take breaks. So did A'Vriil. No big deal.

I know it is a fantasy role-playing site. I know you get a week. I sure I am banned to. I signed up and then the place was so big it took me a while to see what was going on. By the time I got it I had finals and also was already past a week.

I think you need to take a look at what is going on. This a rp game and you seem to be a bit hyped on what she did. She is nice and I am sure she did not mean to get banned. She spoke very well of the place. She has always been nice to me and I am not banning her from my journal or any communities I run (which is only one).

Thank you for explaining it to me however.


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How o send Pm?

Hi, how I can send PM?

Re: How o send Pm?

Hello. I am not sure if you do not have a journal. If you do go to the top. Below your name is "Messages" and click it. After click the "New Messages" and put the journal name name of who you want in.

Lol Thank you! It is from a book Black Jewels.

fadetotwilight added XD

(Deleted comment)
I will now. I will also change my icons. Sorry about that I meant to change everything back when you said you moved.

Hmm looks like we share some interests. I love the fact that this is mostly themed around Lucivar/Black Jewels Trilogy. :3

Lol I love Black Jewels. :D Always great to meet another fan.


How did you find me?

Friend! You like GenRex this means of course friends. XD